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When a womans on her period and shes getting fucked vaginally, then she gets fucked in the ass therefore creating a rusty sock.
Randy came over for Christmas dinner and was bragging about how he gave a Lot Lizard a rusty sock
by Baby sock December 19, 2013

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When a guy takes off the Friday before Christmas vacation, while the old bag is at work, he walks around the house naked but only wears 3 socks. 2 on his feet and 1 on his meat.
Randy asked his wife to pick up an extra bottle of Downy for 3 sock friday.
by Baby sock December 19, 2013

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A group of salty men that drink and meander around talking to attractive women and trying to start fights. Sometimes found brooding over life's ways while smoking cigarettes and singing songs of old. Also known as couch pirates.
"I would go to the back of campus to buy a used radio and a fifth from the sailors dozen... but they always hit on my girlfriend."
by Baby Sock October 09, 2008

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