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A porn version of Harry Potter.
Chapter 7: Harry pulled out his broom stick and started slapping Ron in the face as Ron says, "Here, let me take off my pants so you can so you can have at my anus..."

Me: Oh damn, I thought it was "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," but its actually "Harry Pooter and the Anus of Secrets."
by BQ/BC August 29, 2009
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Pronounced "kwop."

Acronym, standing for the imperative phrase "Queer off, Prune." Used like "Fuck off."

Could also be used in lieu of an Out Of Order or similar sign.
Middle-aged woman: "Is this the where the line starts?"

You: "Queer off, prune." (Or QOP).


Significant Other: "Do you want to go to Village Inn tonight?"

You: "QOP."
by BQ/BC August 29, 2009
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