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One of those people who always insists on telling everyone that they will be tired after eating turkey because of the tryptophan.
Guy: "Hey guys, you'll all be tired after eating the turkey. You know why?"

Everyone else: "Because of the tryptophan?"

Guy: "No, because of the tryptophan!"

Everyone else: "Yeah, we know that. Everyone knows that. What a tryptophanatic..."

Guy: (to self) "I'm so goddamned smart."
by BLOCK BURNA November 23, 2006
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Something that is okay by law (mostly), but against company policy.
Guy 1: Dude, check out this video of this girl getting hit in the head with an RC car!

Guy 2: Man, we can't look at that at work, it's totally not work legal!

Guy 1: But look at the girl! She got hit in the head with an RC car!

Boss: You two are fired.
by BLOCK BURNA June 21, 2006
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When a girl wears a bra too small, so the tops of her breasts spill out. Also known sometimes as quadroboobs.
Check out da muffins on dat ho, I help her wit dat prollem!
by BLOCK BURNA August 31, 2005
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