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Nana's with Alzheimer's

I suggest not fucking with them.
The NWA's new hit singles are out!

Yeah I can't wait to listen to My grandsons in the police and Straight out of where?
by BLK FOLK January 25, 2011
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A mexican, it doesn't matter what south american country he's from he'll still be a mexican. These mexicans are usually crazy and run around doing crazy shit. They often try to refer to themselves through normal names like. "Brian, Kevin or John." We all know that it is really Emanuel or Rodrigo or some tex-mex shit. They also love mexican food and dicks.
"Hey Paco"

"My name is Kevin"

"Hah whatever go make me a burrito."
by BLK FOLK April 16, 2010
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A sorb is when you give someone a degree of sass so great that the only word you can give to desribe it is "Sorbs".
Person 1: Yo man can you make me a sandwhich?

Person 2: Go fuck yourself

Person 1: Sorbs
by BLK FOLK January 24, 2011
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The poorest continent in the world. Lots of black people live there. Most of the poverty commercials you see have black malnutrioned kids from Africa.
"I saw a commercial on TV, the kid looked so poor and hungry." "Well what do you expect he's from Africa."
by BLK FOLK April 16, 2010
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