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A combination of the words Female and Genitalia, therefore defining the word. A way of referring to the female reproductive organ.
In conversation:
Ron: "Sandra has an infection in her 'fenatalia'."
by BJLOVE{bob} March 11, 2004
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To backout, drop out of or give up on something.

Derived from the use of parachutes in sky diving. The diver "pulls the chute" on the dive at a certain point where he/she deems safe.
"Bob 'pulled the chute' on class again." This translates to the following:

Bob skipped class again.

In conversation:
Mike: "Where's Bob?"
Tony: "He pulled the chute again."

Short forms:

Pulled, chute, or simply: P.T.C.
by BJLOVE{bob} March 11, 2004
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Similar to saying something is tubular. Tube is a shortform of the latter. Means what you are talking about is very unique, special, exciting, or good.
For example, one could use "Tube" in place of cool in almost any given situation:

"That new gyroball that Chris got is pretty 'Tube' eh Matt?"

Tube cannot replace cool in the following situation:

"The temperature of the air is cool" - meaning chilly or cold
by BJLOVE{bob} March 11, 2004
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