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A particularly mind-blowing experience currently only having been experienced by a select and very lucky few. It involves very sensual and skillful use of the fingers, lips and tongue all over the recipient's body. This in conjunction with the use of heightened anticipation brings the lucky person a feeling of intense pleasure with the growing need for it to never stop.

A FullBody Blowjob (FBBJ) can be preceded by a FullBody Massage with aromatic oils to gently soothe the body into a completely relaxed state in preparation for the pleasure to come. Following a shower to remove the oils, cleanse the body and further relax the body, it's then time for lying back and waiting for the pleasure fest to really begin.

The journey starts at the toes. While at the same time massaging the feet the mouth, lips and tongue go to work on the toes. This is the beginning of the ever-heightening sense of anticipation experienced throughout as the devices of pleasure make their way slowly up the body (bypassing certain areas to drive the recipient even crazier). The journey from toes to nose and back down to the real pleasure playground can take 30-40 minutes or more depending on how long the recipient can hold out.

The entire procedure can be repeated as many times as is necessary to satisfy even the most primal sexual urges. This may require many hours or even days in some cases. As an example, a recent provision of the service by the author to an eager recipient resulted in 3 orgasms over the space of 3 hours of complete ecstacy

It is essential that the recipient agrees to being totally submissive and completely relaxed throughout. This is a one-way procedure, however, can be reciprocated following the successful completion of a complete FBBJ cycle by the first party.

Obviously a perfect FBBJ can only be performed by another male, however, females may also find this guide helpful to improve their sub-standard fellatial skills. It may also be used in a modified format to suit female recipients.
You haven't lived until you've experienced a FullBody BlowJob. It will absolutely blow your body and mind!
by BJ Best September 02, 2006
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The acronym for FullBody BlowJob, the most sensuous experience imaginable.

Updates to the FullBody BlowJob definition:

1 There is currently only one Master FBBJ Practitioner in our known universe(s), however, several Apprentice FBBJ Practitioners are currently undergoing extensive training at the FBBJ Academy in Sydney, Australia.

2 The current record for number of times cumming during an FBBJ is now 6. Please apply within if you feel you may be able to better this record. Anyone who feels they would like to become an Apprentice FBBJ Practitioner should also apply.
You haven't lived until you've experienced an FBBJ. It will absolutely blow your body and mind!

Apprentice #4: "The FBBJ is... Wow! Just wow!"

Apprentice #6: "The FBBJ is... an everlasting orgasm"... after cumming 5 times.
by BJ Best August 29, 2008
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