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An outfitter of fine, traditional American clothing for casual, business, and formal settings. Founded in New York City in 1818, it is the oldest men's clothier in the United States.

Headquartered on New York's Madison Avenue, Brooks Brothers has exerted considerable influence over fashion, particular preppy fashion and professional attire. Some of its earliest history involves its outfitting New York state troopers during the Civil War and introducing the ready-to-wear suit to American consumers. Brooks Brothers stores opened on Northeastern college campuses in the mid-twentieth century, influencing the traditional collegiate style of dress, also known as the Ivy League style or "trad," which is the root of preppy fashion.

Today, Brooks Brothers outfits both men and women with stores around the world. It maintains itself as a influential force in fashion with contemporary and traditional New York styles that have lasted the test of time.
Today at the Brooks Brothers store on Madison Avenue, I bought a repp tie I'll wear for work and a tweed jacket for tonight's dinner.
by BBNYC February 11, 2013
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