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a cheesy stick that causes instant orgasms in your mouth
MIke: dude this bosco stick is so good
Nick:Yeah its like an orgasm in my mouth
by BBBalla30 April 23, 2007
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A pimp
Travis: dude did u get that hoe from the cunt farmer?
Ryan: fo sho negro
by BBBalla30 April 23, 2007
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a black jew
half jew half negro
guide: And if u look to your left you will see the first jewgro ever sighted

by BBBalla30 April 26, 2007
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the act of wrapping your dick around your wrist and asking people if they want to see your new Rolex.
Flanders: Hey Chunk do u want to see my new rolex?
Chunk: Yeah sure
Chunk: Cmon dude why did u have to give me the wrist watch?
by BBBalla30 March 25, 2007
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