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A term signifying agreement. Nin Nin doesn't actually have a specific definition it's just used at random moments to break the silence, piss people off by chanting like the you belong to a cult of douches and just agreeing about things with other people.

Nin Nin is often believed to be a bastardized ninja.
Spermswamp's Fermented Anal Nectar has to be the fucking most original song.

Nin Nin.
by BAPHVOMIT September 06, 2009
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Like a curfew but gang members and skinheads enforce it instead of cops. Turfews stop people form going into gang territories or other things like National Socialist/White Supremest rallies after a certain time. They aren't meant to, but turfews save lots of lifes, because they stop people from getting caught in the middle of something like a shootout.
I curb stomped that wop after he went to Gelsons after turfew.

Nice one man, even if he has children it doesn't make him a Blood. Did ya keep his teeth?
by BAPHVOMIT September 15, 2009
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