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It is a determination to master any situation and never back down out of fear. Something that you must be born with, it can't be taught.
Thanks to his gameness, he took control of the fight when it went to extra rounds.
by BAMF^2 August 09, 2010

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A group of smashingly talented young men who consistently quote the movie "Top Gun" throughout their day, every day. These individuals can be seen commenting on things like car accidents and saying phrases like, "you don't own that! the taxpayers do!" or "Son your ego is writing checks your body can't cash".
"Hey, you know Brian, Victor, Shane, and Wyatt?"

"You mean those jerks who won't quit reciting Top Gun lines?"

"Yea, they're so Team Top Gun."

by BAMF^2 December 09, 2011

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saying you are something but its only half way true. it is known as cain velasquez because he is the "first mexican heavyweight champion" when he was born in salinas, ca and has always lived in the U.S. he is an american of mexican decent not a mexican. therefore he is posing himself as something hes not.
wait is that girl italian or she cain velasquez italian?
by bamf^2 October 27, 2010

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