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a woman who publicly presents her small child, proving that she has fucked, and likes to fuck., and preferably has nice legs and no gut, big tits are also a very nice attribute. The non-presence of a male mate i.e. husband/boyfriend shows everyone that she is ready to ride.
"Dude, check that MILF out, I'm gonna' go talk to her and find out what's up!"
by BAM311 June 25, 2006

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basic term : pussy (quim)

other terms that mean the same thing : bologna flaps, meat curtains, elephant ear tips, ham hocks, jizz holders, buffalo toes, gash, bacon strips, camel toe, & pen holder
Let me see those elephant ear tips! Whoa! You gotta' set of bacon strips on you girl! Thanks for the quim!
by BAM311 June 23, 2006

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