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People who have extra chromosomes and are best friends. "Chromie" referring to chromosome and "homie"s referring to " people who are good friends and would die for each other".
People who have extra chromosomes and are friends are considered extra chromie homies. Yesterday, John and I went into the extra chromie homie room by accident.
by B4dg3r January 12, 2017

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A prophecy once told of a boy named Ethan who would rise from a chicken flavored Ramen noodle packet, and restore peace to this Earth. Some say he could throw a ramen packet farther than the Chemo King himself. Others say he could whip his foes with his extremely long ramen-like hair.
The Ramen King saved us from a galactic space whale, my nibbaz
by B4dg3r January 21, 2017

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