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Keskey is a nickname that describes a complete alpha male it comes from the name Kevin and Heskey if you are called it you are allowed to say the n-word with a hard R also a person called this has a massive dick and has all the women in their bed at all times .
Random: Yo You look like keskey
Keskey: Yeah I am, Iv'e have to head home to the shorty now
by B1g Guy February 09, 2021
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A nickname of a man. Derives from the name Kevin. Having this title destined upon you means your allowed to have sex with any women.
Woman: Hey Keskey
Keskey: Hey want to come to mine
Woman: Yes
by B1g Guy March 05, 2021
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Waman is short for the Congolese footballer Wamangituka whos was made popular by fifa YouTuber Danny Aarons
by B1g Guy April 19, 2021
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