2 definitions by B Lou

When the male is having sex with someone not so attractive or annoying, he shoves his penis in her butt then pukes on her back. She'll start flapping her arms and the two together will look like a pissed off buzzard then she gets sick from the smell of the puke on her back then she pukes making this a double angry buzzard.
The Angry Buzzard back fired on me. making this a double angry buzzard!
by B Lou August 09, 2010
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The Triple H is when your girl is Hot. Horny & Hooked and will do anyhting that her man asks no matter how freaky!
This Triple H (Hot,Horny & Hooked) chic goes up to her man an proceeds to give him a BJ while she is giving the BJ he grabs her and gives her the Angry Dather Vader. but she is so hooked she does not get mad but proceeds to bust out laughing while his dick is still in her mouth!
by B Lou August 31, 2010
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