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When the Dreamy smurf tried to go to outerspace, the other smurfs gave him a potion that made him fall asleep. Then they all pretended to be swoofs so that Dreamy would think they were on a different planet.
"Papa Swoof! Papa Swoof! Gargamel's coming!"
by Azrial June 04, 2005
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A mix between mourning and rejoicing. Used when good and bad things happen simultaneously, or when feeling a mix of emotions.
She moujoiced after finding that her dog had died, and she had won the lottery.
by Azrial August 09, 2004
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1) A hat worn by children

2) A coffee strainer
1) He placed the biggin on his head

2) Don't put your hand on that biggin, you'll make the coffee bad!
by Azrial December 14, 2004
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