3 definitions by AznDaBaiTzu1

To use chopsticks or anything that is long, strong, and firm enough and swiftly shove up one's anus. The with great force spread apart in opposite directions causing the victim great pleasure/pain (what's the difference?)
Then if you want you can shove your penis or foot inside, depending on which is larger.
Me:Wasn't that dongchi great LeAnna?
LeAnna:Well I wouldn't know, you gave it all to tila =*(
Me:Oh, my bad...
by AznDaBaiTzu1 June 18, 2003
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Possibly one of the hottest guys alive
Can also be used ot describe a person's hotness meaning really hot
Whoa, that guy is so freaking JAW.


Man I wish I could have some Jaw.
by AznDaBaiTzu1 November 5, 2003
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