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When a woman gets fisted in her vagina so quickly that her moans sound like chuckles.
"My boyfriend taught me the Knuckle Chuckle last night for New Years."
by AzarFireFly December 31, 2014

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A term meaning to ejaculate into someone's mouth.
"Please, Specter, don't Skrutt in my mouth!"
-Aaron Frattle

"Oh that girl is so hot, I wanna Skrutt in her mouth!"
-Brian Clark

"I haven't been able to taste right since my boyfriend began Skrutting in my mouth!"
-Steven Ridley
by AzarFireFly January 21, 2014

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It's where a guy injects cocaine into his dick, cums it out into his girl, but then snorts it out of her pussy in the form of an energy drink.
"Hey guys, have you ever tried Cocaine Pussy Energy Drink? That stuff is addictive but even more fun than PCPunch!"
by AzarFireFly April 07, 2015

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