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Unique phonetic spelling of 'Fuck You'.
fah-Q u r not 1337 c0m3 2 my FPT i \/\/ill haX0r yuo
by Avolin February 22, 2003
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A cockblocker who prevents you from getting laid, or, if you are in the middle of sex they somehow ruin it.
Mark is such a fuck fucker, now I'll never get with Katy.
by Avolin May 21, 2004
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One who is les intelligent than a cup of dirt. You can recognize a stupid because they do stupid things, not to mention they could also be a fat.
You are a stupid.
by Avolin June 26, 2003
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To excrete fecal matter while standing up.
I couldn't find a toilet in time, so I did some mud dropping on the way home last night.
by Avolin February 19, 2003
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One who slathers the male penis all over their face and can barely move because they are a fat
Debbie is a real cocksloth
by Avolin June 26, 2003
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