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!) Very classy, and/or tasteful
2) Very good weed; Dank (opposite of swag)
I have a swank bag, it's lime coloured with some red in it, and matches my shoes.
by Audi May 06, 2003

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One that excessively displays his homo-erotic taste for a specific denomination of Audis or the Audi name in general. Particularly of the A4 breed.
The HX_Guys of this world tarnish the incredibly masculine and brutal image of A4 owners abroad!
by Audi April 12, 2004

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said in frustration or annoyance. can also denote boredom. reference blargh
...hey...hey...guess you're not answering...oh, SPLEH!
by audi April 07, 2004

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i donnoo.. something like a chinese guy.. ya
david is not your typical chinese guy
by audi May 06, 2005

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