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When primarily middle class white kids take an old piece of shit car and put money into it in hopes of having kick ass ride. Things like, tinting the windows, wide profile rims, a spoiler, decals, and last but not least a bumpin ass system that rattles the peeling window tint. Imagine all of this on a 1987 Honda civic.
Dude, check out that dumbass! He's got his car niggered out to the max!
by Attica91 July 04, 2006
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A female, (or male for that matter) who sleeps around so much that "handling meat" is their profession.
"Dude your wife is such a professional meat handler! I bet she's handled more sausage than Jimmy Dean."

"Hey Buddy, your daughter Maggie is such a professional meat handler I seriously doubt there is any chance that Kris is the father of her children."
by Attica91 July 05, 2006
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