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The most goddamn mother fucking fantastic element out there.

Thorium is named after the greatest mate who ever lived, Thor. God of thunder. He had the biggest fucking cock in the world. Anything named after him has to be great or fucking Odin will come down from Valhalla where he's doing important Odin shit and he will take a piss directly in your eye. You've been warned.
Thorium, this shit is sweet. Collided a fucking neutron in that shit an the energy of the strong force is your bitch.
You know. That shit that keep all those quarks together to make all the protons that make.
You know how much energy is released by that? A fuck ton. That's how much.
Anyway, this shits way better than Uranium 235 and all it's other isotopes.

Thorium fuckers. It's waste has a 400 year half-life, compared to Uranium few thousand years. It only produces alpha radiation which is only harmful when ingested. (Still don't touch it.) while Uranium makes fucking gamma radiation. That shit ionizes DNA right outta your cells.
Oh, did I mention thorium while it is/can be fissile (used in a nuclear reactor for energy.) It can't be used to make nuclear weapons.
Thorium. Power of the future, making nuclear power even more safe. Fuck uranium in the ass. Thorium all the way.

Also try gabapentin, take like 2 grams. Shit gets you high as shit for at least 5 hours. Read about it erowid, good high.

Good bye you beautiful beasts you, I hope you have a magnificent day and get laid. Good bye.
Picture Thor, using his thunder cock to pound a hole in a giant hunk of uranium. Then pictures him enacting the greatest bukkake of all time. That is what thorium, love.
by AstronautElk September 13, 2013

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