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A verbal indication of exuberance, surprise, or admiration
Down in the valley where I laid her down, the last time I saw her, I saw her in greyo. All in greyo All in greyo, I fucked her so hard my neighbour went Heyo!
by Assbank June 6, 2005
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A euphamsim for a savage african rugby player who has no regard for the safety or well being of others. Origin: Botswana
Brandon: Wow man, you scored two trys, and you kicked a guys teeth in, and you squeezed someones balls, and you punched the ref?

Dale: Yeah, you could say I was a downright Molibi
by Assbank June 9, 2005
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A seemingly intelligent word that dumb people use to sound smart

Steve: We need to enter a new paradigm! Stop making so many egregious errors! Let's be retrospective, but proactive too!

Dan: Wait, paradigm, egregious, retrospective, proactive, aren't those just big words that dumb people use to sound smart?
by Assbank June 9, 2005
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