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In 'Dragonball GT' this is the fourth level of a Super Saiya-jin. It is characterised by reddish fur growing over the body, and the person's hair becoming longer and shinier, also an incredible source of power that allows the person to perform the Juubei Kamehameha.
Gokou and Vegeta both attained the Super Saiya-jin 4 (SSJ4) form. When they fused they created SSJ4 Gogeta.
by Ash_K May 03, 2004
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A Rabbit character introduced to the "Sonic the Hedgehog" games in 2003 in "Sonic Advance 2", can use her ears to fly and her pet Chao, Cheese, to attack enemies.

Is just as cute as Amy Rose. But, has an annoying voice in both English and Japanese versions of "Sonic X" and "Sonic Heroes"
Cream is very cute, but has an annoying voice.
by Ash_K May 16, 2004
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In the TV series 'Dragonball Z' a Super Saiya-jin is a member of the Saiyan race who has achieved a new level of power. Characterised by the person's hair turning gold/yellow and spiking up, also their power increases many times over. The Saiyan must be pure of heart to turn Super Saiya-jin (SSJ)

Demi Saiya-jin (Gohan, Trunks and Goten) turn Super Saiya-jin more easily.
Gokou is pure good.

Vegeta is pure evil.
by Ash_K May 03, 2004
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"Juubei" meaning "Ten Times" (Roughly) and "Kamehameha" meaning "Giant Turtle Wave".

Combining the two gives you the Juubei Kamehameha, or the Ten Times Kamehameha. The most powerful attack (Next to the Genki Dama) in 'Dragonball GT' Gokou uses this attack frequently after becoming a level four Super Saiya-jin (SSJ4)
Gokou uses the 10x Kamehameha to defeat the Syn Dragon in 'Dragonball GT'!
by Ash_K May 03, 2004
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Acronym for 'Cool Web Search' a spyware program that changes your browser homepage. Has more versions than 'Windoze' ...
'CWS' changed my Browser homepage.
by Ash_K April 17, 2004
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Cowards. A bunch of neurotic idiots who dedicate their lives to sending you hate mail/e-mail and don't even leave a forwarding address because they are scared you will chase them up about it.

I speak from experience. A story I had written was criticised by some idiot who left his name as "Anonymous" because he knew I would chase him up about it!
People who are "Anonymous" suck, if you haven't got the guts to leave your name, don't say what you have to say!
by Ash_K May 18, 2004
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A sadly maligned tv series, 'The Original Series' was cancelled because it was very bad but was later resurrected with the god-like series 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Enterprise' A cheap knock-off called 'Voyager' also exists.
'Star Trek' the best Sci-Fi TV show ever!
by Ash_K March 21, 2004
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