2 definitions by Arturo Cortijo

1. The proccess of data acquisition (obtained by comparison against standards) able to anticipate the behavior of someting.
2. The data so obtained.
3. The final report or documentation showing such data.
4. The stage in which someting is regarding the level of its calibration knoledge.
Adjustment is not calibration. When we adjust something we change its behavior (usually to move it closer to standards aiming a better performance); when we calibrate we just understand its behavior so that we can compensate or even adjust it.
by Arturo Cortijo March 11, 2008
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The evaluation process, using aircraft properly equipped, regarding continuity, integrity and accuracy of significant parameters from radio navigation aids and procedures, aiming their calibration with international standards.
VOR, ILS, NDB, VASI, MLS, PAR, are different navigation aids and need periodic flight inspection.
by Arturo Cortijo February 18, 2008
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