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when you put fun dip powder on your dick; preferably the tip and a girl performs oral to it
guy1: dude last night i got a fundick
guy2: what flavor
guy1: cherry
by arnold mcjagger February 28, 2012

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a blowjob containing blue semen, blue ink, or blue paint.
friend1:why do you have blue ink all over you
friend2:i gave a smurfjob
by arnold mcjagger January 05, 2012

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When there is more than 3 guys in a videochat with 1 girl also.
Guy1: last night that videochat gangbang was intense learned so much more about her
Guy2: Wow i didn't know she was into videochat gangbangs!
by Arnold mcjagger June 03, 2013

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It's where you stick strawberries in a girls asshole so later she shits out strawberries in the bathroom
amber:Ughhhh i got a stroowbaloo that shit hurt now i've been shitting out strawberries all day
by Arnold mcjagger June 03, 2013

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When you punch someone who has a small penis in the dick making there head shrivel like a turtle.
Payton: i got turtle poached by some guy yesterday
thomas: omg is yo dick okay i hate turtle poaching
by Arnold mcjagger May 30, 2013

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