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When you are particular about where you have a dump !
At the festivals Gerry won't crap in the portaloo , he's Shiticular!!!
by Armageddon37 May 13, 2013
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When you try to time your visit to the toilet on an airplane not to get in a jam with the trolley dollys only to realise that no tight fucker wants tea or coffee and the dollys are mid-aisle so you look like an asshole whilst waiting behind the trolley dollys !! Most people will blush and retreat , however on occasion you will see an arrogant asshole who thinks they are socially higher especially on really cheap flights . These are the best fun to watch as they huff and roll their eyes up to the sky and tutt . Do NOT take your eyes off them ....
Jane : " I would have flown a different airline first class but it didnt suit my hectic schedule"
Penny : " of Course one would "
Jane: One must go and empty ones bladder ,
Penny " careful! They are serving tea and coffee to the peasants at the back , one must time this as not to get TROLLEYDOLLYFUCKED!!
by Armageddon37 May 13, 2013
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