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An extremely boring class that is required in both high school and college. The class consists of boring ass lectures that you won't give a shit about, unless you plan on majoring in biology. The teachers are usually dickweeds/wads, and assign a shit ton of homework.
I should be studying for my biology exam on Monday. Fuck that, it's too boring!
by Architecture Major October 17, 2010

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A centurion was a warrior who had one hundred men under his command. They fought for the Roman empire, and were chosen for their skill in combat, as well as leadership ability. Once a man became a centurion, he would be one until his death. Whereas a regular soldier could retire, a centurion had no such option. A centurion was always in the front, leading his troops to battle; the most dangerous place to be on the battlefield.
The centurion would've fucked up the rajput in real life. Deadliest warrior is an inaccurate television show.
by Architecture Major September 30, 2010

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Architecture is the study of building design, as well as the practice of designing buildings. The field of architecture does not require as much mathematical knowledge as engineering; instead, a greater emphasis is placed on creativity and artistry. The average salary for architects is within the 70-80 thousand margin, while "rookie" architects may start off making around 40 thousand. It is very possible to become very wealthy as an architect, though it is uncommon. Someone who becomes famous for their designs and is very sought after is known as a "starchitect."
Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice is an example of Byzantine architecture.
by Architecture Major October 17, 2010

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