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1. A hit song written by the band Soundgarden on their 1994 album, Superunknown. The song was, some say, the band's big break into becoming fully mainstream. It was originally intended to be used on the soundtrack for the Cameron Crowe movie "Singles". The song's inspiration is...

2. Artis The Spoonman, a street performer from California and later Seattle, who plays music using sets of spoons. He has played with various other big names in music, such as Frank Zappa, was featured in the video for Soundgarden's "Spoonman" and has been called "Seattle's best kept secret" by Steven Tyler
"Spoonman is such a fuckin' awesome song"
"Hell yeah, I love that riff!"

"I saw the Spoonman last night, it was a really interesting performance."
by Archit May 13, 2006
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The exact opposite of the dreaded cockblock. This is when your buddy seriously does you a solid towards gettin' some.

This is not to be confused with the general duties of a good wingman. This is when your buddy has earned himself a freakin' Purple Heart of Wingmanship by showing extraordinary bravery in helping you score.

Sitting on the grenade (ie taking the ugly one home) in its most extreme cases (like, a 500 pounder) qualifies as a cockpush
-Hey man, so I'm gonna take Heather home so Leanne is all yours. Also, I managed to score you a 5 star suite upstairs with all inclusive room service. Happy trails!
-Dude...*chokes up* thank you for the epic cockpush
by Archit April 05, 2008
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