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Al Jazeera is a pan Arab satellite channel recently launching new sub channels in other languages like English, Persian and Turkish, supposed to be unbiased and professional, turned to be biased hawkish and very unprofessional, they had to fabricate info to serve their warmongering in the so called Arab Spring
Mr. X is Jazeeratized, he believes what mass media channels show him without applying his common sense.
by Arabi Souri November 17, 2011
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A citizen of USA, United States of America. As an American would be confused with people of South and Central Americas as well as Canadians.
Plural: USAians
And also: USAese like Chinese, Japanese
USAians tried to introduce democracy to Iraq and ended up reducing the population there by 1.5 million for good and over 4 million left the country.
by Arabi Souri February 6, 2012
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