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You've stumbled upon one when you see half a dozen robotics club kids come rolling out of their Versa Hatchback into school at 4 in the morning to help a teacher with something. Could also be a really wimpy car that only your seventh grade math teacher would drive.
"Yo, did you see that sped-mobile that Nancy just bought? "
" I'm actually kinda waiting for her to pull out a science fair project from the back seat."
by Antonionionionionionionio January 08, 2020
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When you see some woman in a Popeye's to go line buying four sandwiches and shes the only one in the car. The only job this type of woman could ever have is at your school's lunch counter who hides depression behind her carefully tucked hairnet .
dude, did you just see that lunchlady that passed by?!? ugh.
by Antonionionionionionionio January 08, 2020
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