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Fucking Useless Information. What most emails you receive marked FYI really are.
"I wish he would stop CCing all of us on emails FYI. More like FUI".
by Anton Vettel December 03, 2009

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One better than the upper deck. Instead of taking a shit in the upper tank, you take a shit on top of the upper tank. Where the upper deck is a delayed sabotage, the skybox is a blatant act of defiance.
I can't wait to see the look on Marty's face when he finds out I skyboxed his toilet!
by Anton Vettel December 12, 2010

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An older woman who is only attractive looking on casual Fridays and other dress-up situations. Otherwise she is plain and frumpy looking...but does have the ability to blend in as a babe when make up is applied.
I've known Jimmy's mom for years and she never turned my crank, then last Friday she waited on me at the bank wearing contact lenses and her hair up. I had to fight a public boner because she was so hot...she's totally a chaMILFeon.
by Anton Vettel May 13, 2010

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The point in a new relationship after spending the night a few times where a toothbrush is left over at the significant other's place for use the next morning, hence establishing a beachhead for further invasion. This can either be a good or bad thing depending on the person.
Good: "Hey how is it going with you and that girl you met?" "Pretty good, I established a toothbrush beachhead last week and plan on sending in more supplies next week."

Bad: "Hey how is it going with you and that girl you met?" "Not good, she established a toothbrush beachhead so I had to call in an air strike and ditch it in the trash."
by Anton Vettel October 28, 2010

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