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A place intended for the lower-class households to pick up some used clothing and other items at a discounted price. It seems all of the "different" kids go there now to buy vintage shirts, because you can get three for a nickel or some shxt like that. They are usually the type of kids who complain about society having "brainwashed" the preppy kids.

If you think you're cool for buying clothes at the salvation army, just remember that you're wearing somebody else's pitstained t-shirt.
Like oh my God, I just got this brand new emo shirt at the salvation army today! It's totally rad! It says "John's Pickle Shop" on the front! I think I'm going to wear it to the Dashboard concert this weekend! It will totally fit in!
by AnthonyMEMU June 22, 2004

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A sexual predator, typically one with pedophiliac tendencies. Gender is no discrimination with a "cougar," as they will take either. A cougar is usually emo and full of hate for the world.
Oh man, did you hear about that cougar who raped that 14 year old girl last week? I hope he goes to jail! He is like 25 and still lives with his parents!
by AnthonyMEMU June 23, 2004

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