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Otherwise known as cybering. The act of two persons having sex in their chats. Often done wrong - with many cockblocking/mood-ending moments. Perhaps the youth of today should learn to properly cyber. The following example is what not to do.
shasaa: *flushes*
shasaa: ;////;
sorinvizor: *kisses your chin down your neck*
shasaa: *moans*
sorinvizor: do you really hate it?
shasaa: *eyes rolls up in headddd*
shasaa: *snaps out of eet* hmm what?
sorinvizor: *kisses some more applying more pressure to your crotch with my fingers*
shasaa: O///////O
sorinvizor: *kisses your lips*
sorinvizor: time to dive?
shasaa: *kisses back fervently* i missed your lips ;/////;
sorinvizor: then I'll stay up here a bit longer
sorinvizor: *kisses back*
shasaa: mmmm'
shasaa: *pooling up down thar*
sorinvizor: *moves your underwear aside exposing you then puts in a couple of fingers rubbing your insides by alternating fingers*
sorinvizor: do you miss my lips kissing your lips down there?
sorinvizor: or would you like my tool?
shasaa: *mumbles*
shasaa: nnn mmm lips...tool....lipsss....... *_____*
sorinvizor: lol
sorinvizor: *takes it out and puts your hand on it*
sorinvizor: it missed you too
sorinvizor: *kisses passionately moving from your lips to your neck and back*
shasaa: *is weak* gomen
shasaa: Pllaysss with it gentlyyy
shasaa: just lightlyyy for now mmmmm
sorinvizor: it's alright baby
shasaa: *applies moar pressure*
shasaa: *gets more excited and breast tips harden*
sorinvizor: *giggles* looks like you're in the mood
shasaa: *glassy eyed*
This is horrible cyber sex.
by AnonymouslyAnonymousAnon February 04, 2010

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