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Code names for Anorexia and Bulimia, respectively.
"There's a new ana/mia support group."
by Anomalous July 9, 2005
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LoL = Laugh out loud

some people say Lollercopter like thats funny

some people make it "lollorcoptor"
0mfgz0rzzzz whAts g0ing On loLL!!!/1??!?!
LOLLORCOPTOR dunn0!11!oneone
by Anomalous January 20, 2008
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What Twitch-users spam in chat when a streaming speedrunner gets a 'gold' split. These speedrunners make use of splits by tapping some device whenever they got to a certain point in the game they're running. They do this to keep track on their speed relative to their personal best (PB). These times are usually displayed in-stream and marked by a color. Red means they're slower than their PB, green is faster and gold is the fastest split they've ever done.

For some reason Twitch-users kept using the word glod instead of gold. The term glod is now common in use in nearly all speedrun streams. The usage of 'glod' may be the result of a common typo that people came to use ironically (just like pwned instead of owned). Some argue 'glod' it nothing more than a succesful forced meme.
*Speedrunner get's a gold split*

Dank_memer420: GLOD PogChamp
Tornado92: GLOD!!!!
Pewdepie: Glod Glod Glod Kreygasm
Supermario666: omg glod! WR hype!
by Anomalous May 31, 2017
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The lowest of the lowest. Flyshit is shit from a fly. A fly is an useless animal, and the only thing he does is annoy humans.

Usually black people call someone a piece of flyshit when they think they are completely useless and low.
Woah, wtf have u done nigga? I tought you were OK but you turned out to be a piece of flyshit.
by Anomalous March 30, 2008
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A gender that feels like a bog, swamp, marsh or similar ecosystem. Also known as swampgender. This is actually a thing on Tumblr.
person 1: Hey girl!
person 2: Did you just assume my gender?
person 1: What?
person 2: I'm boggender, I identify as a swamp
person 1: What the fuck?
by Anomalous January 11, 2017
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tripsy the feeling you get when you took a trip, like XTC or a sniff of speed in combination with dope.
by Anomalous July 9, 2006
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"Fuck off".

Kanker means cancer, so you really wish for someone to get outta ya way and get cancer and die.
Person 1: "Wil je neuken?" (wanna fuck?)
Person 2: "kanker op!"

by Anomalous June 15, 2008
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