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Code names for Anorexia and Bulimia, respectively.
"There's a new ana/mia support group."
by Anomalous July 08, 2005

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"Fuck off".

Kanker means cancer, so you really wish for someone to get outta ya way and get cancer and die.
Person 1: "Wil je neuken?" (wanna fuck?)
Person 2: "kanker op!"

by anomalous June 15, 2008

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The lowest of the lowest. Flyshit is shit from a fly. A fly is an useless animal, and the only thing he does is annoy humans.

Usually black people call someone a piece of flyshit when they think they are completely useless and low.
Woah, wtf have u done nigga? I tought you were OK but you turned out to be a piece of flyshit.
by anomalous March 30, 2008

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LoL = Laugh out loud

some people say Lollercopter like thats funny

some people make it "lollorcoptor"
0mfgz0rzzzz whAts g0ing On loLL!!!/1??!?!
LOLLORCOPTOR dunn0!11!oneone
by anomalous January 20, 2008

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tripsy the feeling you get when you took a trip, like XTC or a sniff of speed in combination with dope.
"damn, i'm tripsy as hell"
by anomalous July 08, 2006

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