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The summarized recreation of popular pop-culture films using limited budgets and a camcorder. The process is called sweding. Upon completion the film has been Sweded.

Origins: In the Michel Gondry film BE KIND REWIND, the character Jerry accidentally erases the videotapes at Mos Def's rental store, and the pair remake all the movies themselves. These versions become popular with customers, who are told they take longer to arrive and cost more because they come from Sweden. Hence, the films are referred to as 'Sweded'.
Many versions of Star Wars Sweded can be found on the internet.
by Annastacia March 16, 2008

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A person seemingly blessed with an unbounded amount of good luck.

A blended term making use of two popular idioms:

pinch a loaf meaning to take a shit, and the popular belief that Horseshoes are symbolic of good luck.
"The moment he set foot on the field, Alabama's returning star Quarterback was pinching horseshoes the rest of the season."

I don't know how she won! The girl must be pinching horseshoes or something."
by Annastacia June 27, 2009

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