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1.)The greatest, sweetest, most perfect guy in the world. One I can completely confide in, and care for with the strongest love imaginable.

2.)"Ponchi" Thai meaning for (with luck)
1.) "I love you, Ponchi."

2.) <Closing of a letter>

by AnnaLee February 08, 2006
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a catchy little word used to describe someone you can not stand.
"Oh my god, I can not belive you're dating that scrotum zit after everything he did to you!"
by AnnaLee February 08, 2006
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A crazy girl who doesn't sleep and likes to make out with anyone who is (attractive/unattractive) and (female/male). You can't tell whether she's sober or drunk more than half of the time. She loves to party and is very spontaneous. Examples of her spontaneous actions include: bleaching her hair, getting a tattoo and belly button piercing, going to downtown all by herself, and sings everything she does.
"I know my limit...I just go past it," said Morgan. This is referring to her drinking limit.

"Sleep is for the weak!" said Morgan at 5am in the morning.
by annalee May 01, 2012
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