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This is a great game for a small or large group of people. from about 3- A LOT. The only problems when playing this game is that, if people are already smashed then a lot of times people cannot pay attention, and if there are a lot of different ways of playing.
How to play: A full deck of cards is placed upsidown, like the game Go Fish, in a circle formation around 1 "kings cup." Try and find a sweet cup to pour your drinks in(this will be explained with the KING card). One person chooses from the circle of cards and the game begins. Each card that is picked from the circle is then flipped over for everyone to see, the game doesn't work if no one else can see the cards. It defeats the purpose.
Aside from the rules that go along with the deck of cards, there is another rule, which is silly but a fun extra chance to get one person to drink is, the first person to break the circle of cards drinks once. No biggie, but hey, the more alcohol consumed, the better.
ACE: community is the easiest, meaning everyone playing drink once. Some people play "waterfall" which would start with the person who picked the card and when they start drinking everyone else does, then when the card-picker stops the person to the right then has the option to stop whenever they like, and when they do the next person to their right has the option to stop drinking whenever they like, and so on. This gets the last person in the circle really drunk because they are the last to stop drinking. But since there is already a lot of drinking going on in the first place, "Community" is a good rule for the ACE

2: is,"to you." meaning, the person that picks this card will point to one other person in the circle and that chosen person will drink two.
3: is "to me." meaning the person that chooses this card will drink three
4: is, "to the whores." All girls drink once
5: is "up high." Last person who raises their hand in the air drinks once.
6: is "To the dicks" All guys drink once
7: is "to the floor." yes this does not rhyme, but bare with me. Last person to put their hand on the table drinks once.
8: "pick a mate." The player that chooses this card picks another player to drink once with them. There is a twist to this rule though. What you CAN do is when a player chooses this card and picks a mate, EVERYTIME the card-picker has to drink, their mate does too(drinks once). This can get totally riduclous, and great because there are 4 chances to pick a mate so that there could be up to 8 people drinking for one persons mistake. If it is confusing now, you will get it when you play with this rule.
9: "bust a rhyme." The player that chooses this card will start out a rhyme like, "i like bees," and then the person to their right will have to rhyme something with "bees," like my lame ass rhyme, "i stole your fucking keys." and the person to their right will rhyme and so-on until someone cannot rhyme anymore. The person that ruins the rally by hesitating or repeating will drink once.
10: "make a rule." This is great. Make a rule, simple or complicated. some examples would be...

Thumbmaster, which is the player that starts this rule can put their thumb down at ANY TIME during the game and one after another people will slowly realize(depending on how drunk they are) that they need to put their thumb on the table. Don't let anyone know you're doing it, just put your thumb down at any time and let the other players figure it out. if people are way too drunk then i am sure some hints will have to be given out that the thumbmaster rule is in effect. Last person to figure it out drinks once. This can be done as many times as the "thumbmaster" wants

Another rule would be, no using the words, "drink, drank, or drunk." any player that says one of these words, at any time has to drink once. be careful, because i can tell you when you notice someone saying one of these words you will scream out DRINK, and then you will have to too.

Another rule is no smiling, anyone who smiles drinks once.

Little man. This rule just gets annyoing, but there is the little man on your cup at all times, and you have to take him off to drink, and put him back on when you are done. EVERYTIME. anyone who forgets drinks once.

No cursing

No laughing

No touching the table except to get cards

No pointing

No saying peoples names

You can only pick up your cup with your left hand

Only with your right hand

Every odd card that someone pulls from the deck that person has to take off an article of clothing.

There are endless possibilities. Any rule goes.

These rules last until the END OF THE GAME

Whatever player that chooses a 10 card and makes a rule HAS to obey by the rule as well.
JACK: "catagories." example. The player that chooses this card says "candy" and then starts is off with "snickers" the person to their right then names another candy, and so on until someone repeats or hesitates. that person drinks once.
QUEEN: "Questions." This starts with the player that chose the card and then asks a question to anyone in the cicle. this is the only card that does not go around the circle. the player simply looks at someone in the eye and ask ANY question. The player that was asked the question CANNOT answer the question, but then asks another question to either the same person that asked them or someone else in the circle. Questions do not have to be related at all to one another. example: "how big are your moms boobs?" "When did you last take a shower?" They don't have to make any sense. The first person who hesitates, who isn't paying attention, answers the question, OR asks the same question back like..."how big are your moms boobs?" "how big are YOUR moms boobs?" loses. Drinks once
KING: the player that chooses this card pours any amount of their drink into the "kings cup" in the middle of the circle of cards. What makes this fun is when people have all different kinds of drinks, beer, hard liquor, wine. It can get pretty gross. Last player who chooses the last king has to drink the cup. all of it.
That's it. The game ends when the last king is chosen, but sometimes there are a lot of cards left over so the game can still go on if people choose to do so.
by AnnaBerlin September 11, 2007
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