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"927" or "922" Is an angel number. A brother, dad, or male figure in your life could be trying to contact you through "927/922". These numerals translate into the letters A, L, V, W, N, E, H, O, and S. If these numbers are truly following you, you probably see these numbers on addresses, car plates, time, or simply anywhere in that matter. This male figure that has passed away wants you to know they love you, they are trying to send you a bigger message but maybe have no other way to. The dead can't do much to give u signals but they sure can use numbers in that matter, this male figure is most likely one of God's Angel's and 927 or 922 simply explains that. This male angel wants you to be happy and to live your life to the fullest, whenever you are stopped from doing something positive or something you believe will be a memory in your life time try to reason with what or who is stopping you if they do not listen, go behind there back. You control your life, no one else. 927 also simplify's the "end" is near, the "end"doesn't always mean something bad in this case the end could be the end to your depression, the "end" to your suffering or just a simple ending to your day, the end isnt always bad but I never said it can't be, the end could result in death as well. 922 has a similar meaning which is the day of the dead, it may be a sad day but also brings family closer together. - A message from your angel number 927 also associates with the angel number 922
The number"927" has been following me around for a few months now. I think my dead father is trying to contact me.
by Angelnumbers November 1, 2018
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