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The bottom draw in the office desk which contains contraband e.g. grog, porn, form guides, condoms, chocolate, deviant lifestyle magazines and ciggies. Named after the no nonsense cop of the same name off The Bill
Set in the open plan office
Person 1: (quietly) Dude do you have any bourbon?
Person 2: (quietly back)Wait a moment while I check my Burnside draw
by Anecdotal March 31, 2008

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Taken from the old Tarzan movies in the 1960’s where all the male characters had their shirt backs wet with sweat. So if you have been working on a hot day and you have a wet back from sweat/workout you have Tarzan’s back.
Person 1: (Straight in to the fridge for a beverage) Fuck its hot outside, look at how wet the back of my shirt is.
Person 2: Ha, looks like you have Tarzan's Back!!
Person 1: Tarzan’s back?
Person 2: You know when the bad guys were looking for Tarzan & Cheetah they all had wet shirts from the heat.
by Anecdotal December 13, 2012

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Any McDonalds Store
Person a; Whatcha going to cook for dinner?
Person b; Nuddin, going to the Clowns Kitchen
Person A; Ah McDonalds Got enough for two?
by Anecdotal November 21, 2012

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