3 definitions by Andrew Thrillson

That 40 day long period where Christians attempt to emulate Christ-like suffering and minimalism through only the lamest and most half-assed undertakings.
Jesus: I toiled in the desert for 40 days and nights. Then I was beaten until I lost 17.8 litres of blood.

Self-Righteous Christian Tool: I switched to low-carb beer.
by Andrew Thrillson March 04, 2004
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Catholic Holy Day observed 40 days prior to Good Friday, where believers walk around with dirt X on their forehead in order to flaunt their holiness.
Normal Guy: Dude, you have some dirt on your face
Jesus-Freak: Really? I wasn't aware. It must be my pure righteousness made manifest, seeping through my earthly pores. Bow to me!
by Andrew Thrillson March 05, 2004
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Slogan originally implemented my Mazada to suggest their quai-sporty yet "affordable" vehicles are capable of solving midlife crises. Can be extended to non-car like objects. Use usually reserved to douchebags.
VP Jerkface: My new laptop zoom zooms.

Guy Who Keeps Things Real: Punches Jerkface in the spine.
by Andrew Thrillson March 04, 2004
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