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A phrase first coined at Apache Lake AZ in October of 2011, defined as a beachgoer with cheap, frugal, or mooching qualities. Often seen on beaches at lakes and/or coastlines, this person will travel from campsite to campsite, or between groups of people or hangout spots, scamming away beer, alcohol, cigarettes etc with absolutely no intentions of returning the favor. Has also been known to show up at food and refreshment stands, bars, waterside restaurants and nightclubs, and will attempt to bargain down (haggle) prices at these establishments with Jewlike precision. Also have the ability to scam away women.
Coolguy A- Hey man did you see that Berry Goldstein Beach Kike?

Coolguy B- Yeah I saw him! He used his heeblike skills to swindle Jager and Captain Morgan from that group of guys up the beach.

Coolguy A- *Laughs* Too bad he wasn't fast enough though, those guys stomped his kike ass all over the beach!
by Amishflap January 02, 2012
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See definition for "Ryan Price"
"Ryan Price is a member of the Beach Whale Rescue Team, he loves fucking fat chicks!

"Ryan Price is like David Hasselhoff to fat beach chicks!"
by Amishflap December 06, 2011
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Arizona slang originating from a person of ill manner, and overall distain. Used to reference a person that is a compulsive liar, user, mooch, woman stealer, or home-wrecker. Also a person who claims to have unbeatable automotive and equipment operating skills, when in reality this person's only real skill is being a complete assclown. Has no real morals or sense of right or wrong and tends to be a hippocrite, especially when it comes to stealing his closest friend's significant other/life/personal possessions.
"Hey did you hear what happened?

"What happened?"

"My roommate scammed my girlfriend away!"

"Well thats a Ryan Price for ya!"
by Amishflap November 05, 2011
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