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1. An adjective meaning awful, horrible, or the worst. The opposite of 'the shits' is 'the shit', used to describe something that rules or is generally really awesome. 'The shits' generally refers to something that sucks to just short of the greatest extent possible.

2. Another word for diarrhea. You get the shits when you eat something that makes your feces take on a primarily liquid form.
"Man, Weenus's breath is the shits. I can't believe I let him hiss right up my nose. It's so disgusting but I just can't stop."

"I sure wish I hadn't eaten all that rat shit. I think I'll have the shits for the rest of my miserable life..."
by American Jesus January 09, 2004
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A pathetic, hideous, and vile excuse for a performance automobile. Dodge is so lame that they have to turbocharge the sh*t out of a 2.4 to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 horse. Regardless of Chrysler's inherent and incurable shortcomings, the SRT-4 is the fastest production FWD in the world. That said, this doesn't mean that anybody has to like it.
"Wow. Did you see that Dodge Neon SRT-4 trying to do doughnuts in the school parking lot last night!? Doesn't the idiot driving it know it's FWD!? What an ass clown!"
by American Jesus June 10, 2006
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