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What many people don't address when describing Chicago is that the majority of white people in this city are very obviously ignorantly and at times maliciously racist. Also the general culture of this city shows hostility, pretentiousness, and extreme cultural narrow-mindedness. In any area of the city, people are overly sensitive to outsiders, even in areas that are mostly inhabited by people from the suburbs, such as Lincoln park. Anyone who fails to see this either benefits from the white privilege, is part of one of the many cliques, or is sociologically and culturally blind.
If you vote down for this definition of Chicago, you are in extreme denial.
by American Eye April 10, 2006
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City with a ridiculous and morally backwards culture, that has an overwhelmingly large amount of ignorant, narrow-minded, and racist people.

If you are colored, the white people won't treat you for who you are, but for what you are. Many of them are malicious in this sense, and enjoy the feeling and benefit of feeling superior to those they look down on, and sometimes wish to mistreat. Many white people (men especially) feel uncomfortable around colored people whose personalities do not fit within their knowledge of ignorant stereotypes, and have the tendency or desire to put down, intimidate, or mistreat a colored man who is confident, intelligent, and most importantly charismatic. If you are a colored woman, you are "allowed" to be a person, and assert an individuality, without it being rejected, because the white men do not feel threatened by colored females, and rather see them as desirable.

Nonetheless there is to this day an overwhelming amount of people who, pathetically, are still unused to or unfamiliar with the notion of colored people being people, and who still feel uncomfortable when a colored person enters the same restaurant, sits or stands nearby, offers their opinion, asserts their personality, or in general, is present. Perhaps they don't feel that colored people should have the same freedom to enjoy life. It is a sad example of the cultural denial of freedom and democracy in a modern American city.

If you really think this is untrue then take the time to stop and observe the world around you.
If you don't like an ignorant, narrow-minded and racist society, don't go to Chicago. This, is why New York is better.
by American Eye April 23, 2006
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