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Once regarded as "white ethnics" by suburban Anglo-Americans, Irish-Americans are the most badass of all AMERICAN demographics. They are more American than they are Irish, but they are more Irish than anyone else in the United States (which makes them better). They are passionate about little actually coming from Ireland, but anything coming from South Boston or Manhattan’s West Side is fucking kickass in their eyes. Kind of like African-Americans with Atlanta or Italian-Americans with New York. They don’t really give a damn about the lifestyles or societies of people living in fucking Kenya or Polermo, they just like Sinatra or 50 cent.

Irish-Americans… or at least Americans who call themselves Irish have given us and have inspired:

-The Dropkick Murphys
-The Westies; a psychotic group of ultra violent career criminals in Hell’s Kitchen that were called one of the most savage organizations in the long history of New York street gangs by Rudolph Guliani
-Whitey Bulger: arguably one the most dishonorable and most impressive mob kingpins in recent history ( he’s second only to Osama on the FBI’s most wanted list)
-James Cagney
-The bad guys in “Last Man Standing”
-the movie and book SLEEPERS
-the movie Mystic River
-The upcoming movie the Departed
-Denis Leary
-One of the main characters in Bullet
-The song “Jump Around”
-Jack Dempsy: one of the greatest boxers of all time
-The American street gang
-The drive-by shooting (Mad Dog Coll, look it up!)

-Did you see that crazy Irish guy.
-I assume you are indicating the working-class, green-wearing, intoxicated, obnoxious, loud, humorous, red-faced, quick tempered, American individual who was brawling in that Boston bar called the Shamrock Pub.
-Fine, if I call him an Irish-American guy will you shut the fuck up, you globally-conscious bastard?!?
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