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A coat that is worn only around your house and when getting out of the shower , an american word for housecoat . A posh definition of a robe or housecoat
Mum will you fetch my dressing gown I’m a bit chilly
by American boy December 27, 2017
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a nice country in south america, many ignorant idiots dont know about, all they know is drugs, that is it

colombia has a nice culture, and a variety of people, from blonde haired blue eyed folks, to dark so dark they are almost blue folks, one thing colombians have in common is that they look hot, whoever says colombia means drugs, can go suck their grannies tities, i am not colombian, however i have been there, and that country rules!!!

they got some of the hottest women u can ever come across.
colombia has gotten some hot women, i wouldnt mind marrying one.
by American boy January 19, 2005
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