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The single most annoying type of poser. %30 are poor white trash with supposed "dye jobs" that are probably the product of them coloring their hair with magic marker. They are also too poor to afford the overpriced ugly chain linked pants from Hot Topic so they usually wear goodwill jeans dyed black with some shitty band (slipknot, korn, ICP, Mandon) t shirt that is 2 sizes too big. Another %60 are spoiled suburban kids who think their lives suck even though mommy and daddy buy them everything they want. Usually sport better, but still shitty dye jobs because mommy and daddy pay for it to be done at the JC Penny salon at the mall. They buy extremely overpriced clothing from Hot Topic, but still shop at Goodwill, becuase goths are supposed to be poor. The other %10 have no specific social class, but still carry most of the previously stated characteristics.

All mallgoths whine about their 'shitty' lives. If anyone is mean to them about anything they automatically scream "DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE I'M GAWTHYCKCKC!!!! I'M NOT A SOUP CAN!" but will immediately turn around and make fun of a groups of girls for wearing American Eagle clothes, which makes them 'preps'. If a mallgoth is actually harassed for being 'gothic' they suddenly start crying because they are too pussy to really take the criticism.

Mallgoths will also come up with stupid meaningless nicknames for each other because they think it's cool.
These nicknames often change daily and a log must be kept to ensure currency. IE. Skittles, Sprinkles, Squeegy, Skippy, Muffin, Kitty, Pancake, Cupcake....ect.
Most are often considered to be 'ironic' because everyone knows that mallgoth aren't cute so it's clever to give them cutesy nicknames with no meaning behind it.

Mallgoths also listen to pop music or mainstream emo rock and assume it's goth and metal.

Faking mental illness and sexual orientation is often very common among mallgoths.
Mall goth: LAWLZ New Hot Topic pants? Cool! Come help me color my hair with this blue Crayola marker!

Mall goth: Hey KittyCakeSprinklePantsFace! Lets go take out meds and then go lesbian all over each other! We're so mallgoth we're goth!

Mall goth: OMGZ?!!! Did you just call me GAWTH? I'm not a soup can! Don't label me you stupid PREP!

Did you see that mallgoth swallowing Smarties in front of Hot Topic saying they were Anti-Psychotic drugs?
by Amaranth013 June 02, 2008

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