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A mini Stalinist who thinks they are moral guardian of society except for the fact that they were never elected for the job. In the past, SJW's outlawed alcohol and porn but now most of this nonsense is being committed the Marxists, the American Red Guard of Mao's, Cultural Revolution. People with childish mentalities are attracted to the leaders of any SJW' movement thus becoming a SJW. Smug, loud, never donating a dime to the poor but will buy an Apple laptop with a smartphone in a heartbeat. Usually self-loathing whites from the all white communities in America so they have white guilt. The minorities involved are the kind everyone hates to be around. Hard core pussy's when you actually debate them on a one on one issue. They will bring up Hitler, nazis and holocaust often but will never bring up Pol Pot, Stalin and the Killing Fields.
1) Get ready for the rain on the parade; the social justice warriors are here.
2) Sorry sir but the book you requested is no longer in our library system anymore. The social justice warrior organization, "We Decide, Not YOU!" called that book racist even though it was about weather. We'll stop carrying Ayn Rand soon so borrow now.
3.) Titania, an vastly over weight SJW, blamed sexism and racism, not her appearance or personality, on the inability on not being able to find a boyfriend.
by Alucard the last June 03, 2017

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A person who thinks that they and everyone else is special except conservatives, white heterosexual males. They are so special that they need their little safe spaces because the mentally strong makes them feel intimidated. They were brought up to think that they are special and probably were spoon fed until they got into high school. They think life is supposed to be fair and if it isn't, the government should get involved and make things fair. Stay clear of these people as they are the rain on life's parade and will drag you into their whirlpool of doom.
Sensitive as a snowflake, Itlonda ran to his/her safe space and bitterly complained with tears in his/her eyes because someone his/her age got a 50k /year job. Majoring in gender studies, rendered Itlonda to a minimum wage job. It's not fair.
by Alucard the last January 10, 2017

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