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1) Depleted Uranium, a substance with incredible military value, and some minor(and horribly blown out of proportion) health risks attached to its use.

2) The Democratic Underground, the biggest bunch of raving lunatics the world has seen in my lifetime. Noted for absurd conspiracy theories, instant banning of any disagreeing viewpoints, and general stupidity.
1) Anyone who says that DU is a radiation risk is an idiot(toxological risk maybe, but not radiological)

2) Don't judge the left by the DU, even a righty like me doesn't hate them that much.
by Alsadius February 05, 2004

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What the insane lefties use as an insult, ripoff of Republican.
"Ur a repug, so ur teh evil!!!" - the DU.
by Alsadius February 05, 2004

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