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1. Something that is better than a Llama
2. Something that is better than you
by Alpaca Lenny April 09, 2003
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One who eats all of something except for a small remaining amount, so they aren't blamed for eating it all.
"Don't look at me I saw George here eat the last one".
by Alpaca Lenny February 06, 2005
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The coolest saying ever to grace the planet of the Apes.
He slew me, your mother!
by Alpaca Lenny November 11, 2004
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One who loudly and proudly announces the onset of a Netsplit, when everybody is already aware of it.
Quit: Person (netsplit)
Quit: Person2 (netsplit)
Quit: Person3 (netsplit)
Quit: Person4 (netsplit)
Quit: Person5 (netsplit)
<Idiot> we're having a netsplit.
by Alpaca Lenny January 19, 2005
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An obese middle-aged man who spends a great deal of time using and/or tinkering with Linux.
<14fark> asl?
<oldman> 40/m/NY
<14fark> wat u doin?
<oldman> i just finished tinkering with the linux kernel
<14fark> omg linerd!
by Alpaca Lenny January 31, 2005
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