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incredibly spiritual small rock that Joseph Smith put in his hat, then bent over and put his face in the hat to block out all the light, and then could read the stone, thereby translating special plates he got from an angel. He translated them from some kind of Egyptian that some Jews wrote their scriptures in. He translated them into 19th century English, so they are still kind of confusing. But they are true in every way, except they do admit to having some mistakes and errors in them.
"They are both so small, each one looks like a small peepstone!"
by Alma the Middler October 08, 2008

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In Mormonism, a group of men originally esetablished as equal authorities. They soon became rivals. Eventually the one "of Twelve Apostles" gained ascendancy. There was a brief interim during which the Quorum of the First Presidency, in the person of Brigham Young, was the head quorum. After his death, the Quorum of Twelve Apostles gradually acquired supreme authority. Other quorums and presidencies, such as the First Quorum of the Seventy, the Quorum of the Lord's Anointed, the Patriarch of the Church, the First Bishopric, and so on, gradually become junior officers. The Quorum of Twelve Apostles with its First Presidency figurehead became the senior officers. By this time, the quorums all managed the Mormon Church indistinguishable from a corporate enterprise such as Amway, Avon, or other companies that rely on door-to-door salesmen and motivation rallies. Although there is no Quorum of Tithing, Tithing does play a very big role in the running of the Church, including who gets to be a member, who gets to go to the temple, and who gets promoted.
"We don't need a majority to have a quorum, because we ARE the quorum!"
by Alma the Middler April 17, 2009

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